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[PlayStation®3] Actualizada 05/06/2013

A Service Set Identifier (SSID) is essentially the "name" that you give to a wireless network.  Any wireless device that you want to connect to the wireless network must know the SSID for that network.  The SSID is controlled by the wireless access point (WAP) for the network.  An SSID may be any combination of ASCII characters (i.e., any combination of letters, numbers, punctuation marks, etc.).

Click herefor steps on connecting your PlayStation 3 to the Internet.

SSID for PS3 Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network Connection

When connecting your PS3 to a wireless (Wi-Fi) network, you will need to know the SSID of your wireless network. Make sure the WAP or wireless router is set to broadcast the SSID; otherwise, the SSID will NOT appear on the PS3 scan results.
If you do not know this information, speak to the person who setup or maintains your network (i.e., wireless router) settings.

The PS3 system will allow you to enter the SSID two ways:

  • Manual SSID entry
    Entering the SSID manually requires that you type the SSID into the input box and then save the setting. This information can be found from the wireless router or wireless access point you are attempt to connect with.
  • Scan for available wireless network SSIDs
    Scanning will scan all channels for available SSIDs and then report the SSIDs, signal strength and WEP status (whether or not they have WEP enabled).

    When scanning it is important to know that the SSID will not always be broadcast from a WAP.  It is possible that your WAP has the SSID broadcasting feature turned "Off", which means your PS3 will not pick up the SSID when scanning for available wireless networks. You will need to either turn "On" the SSID broadcast feature on your WAP, or speak to the administrator of your network to obtain your SSID. In some cases, you will need to get the SSID from the administrator of the wireless network and enter it manually.

    Also, since scanning for SSIDs with your PS3 can pick up other wireless networks, make sure you have selected the correct SSID for your wireless network.